New feature: build your crew

Pillrs is about connection, community, and working together to reduce addictive urges. As we’ve been using it, we’ve noticed something: we’ve been creating relationships with several users and wanted to stay connected.
Introducing Care Circles – your own personalized group of support.
Anytime you send an emergency broadcast or an automated request for help goes out on your behalf, your care circle will see it and be able to respond.
To use carecircles send a message saying “carecircle request {alias}” – where alias is their alias… go figure (no need for an @ either).

carecircle request garrett

You can also:

  • Remove someone from a carecircle (carecircle kick {alias})
  • Leave someone else’s circle (carecircle exit {alias})
  • See others in your circle (carecircle mine)
  • See circles you’re part of (carecircle others)

We’ll also proactively suggest adding someone if it looks like you two message frequently.

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