Easy online volunteer opportunities, make a difference in 5 minutes or less

Wish you could find some online volunteer opportunities? Here’s the three ways we’ve found for you to make the largest difference in under five minutes, without putting on pants.
What would the world look like if everyone volunteered their time?
It paints a nice picture, doesn’t it? Teens helping elderly ladies cross the street. Tattooed bikers serving meals for orphaned children. Unicorns reading books to the homeless.
While all that might be a pipe dream, the reality of life for most of us is that we just don’t have time to volunteer.
We’re not bad people because we don’t volunteer. Life is just too darn busy.
However, there are some ways to make a large difference from your couch. Or bed. Or even the toilet. It’s a relatively new trend of micro volunteering, and it’s incredible.
With that in mind, here’s our three favorite online volunteering opportunities that make a real difference, really quickly.

1. Our (biased) favorite online volunteer opportunity: Pillrs

Ok, yes, we’ll admit we’re biased here, but with good intent.
Pillrs was created so everyday people could make a life changing impact in someone’s life from home and in little time.
We were researching tools to help addicts escape their personal hell, driven by the slavery of addiction, when therapist after therapist after therapist told us the same thing:

The biggest challenge we have is to get an addict to tell another human about their problem. Once they do that, they’re halfway through recovery.

There was something else too – loneliness is a key driver in the addiction cycle. If we could help break loneliness, it seemed, we could help addicts break the cycle.
Learn more about high-impact volunteering (or how you can get help) on our homepage: pillrs.com. Then come back, because our second favorite online volunteering opportunity was also our inspiration for Pillrs.

2. Be My Eyes – crowdsourced eyes for the blind

Online volunteer opportunity: be my eyes
We love love love the team at Be My Eyes.
Picture this (no puns now):
You’re blind, you’re hungry, and your family are terrible planners. They put the instant rice and the rat poison in the same cabinet.
Also, they’re all out for the day.
So, what do you do?
There’s the guess-and-check method (not recommended). There’s the phone-a-neighbor method. Or there’s Be My Eyes.
They hit a button, and like a safe-for-work version of Chat Roulette, Be My Eyes creates a video chat where the sighted person can help the blind user.
It’s brilliant. Heck, it inspired our entire business.
Go grab their app at bemyeyes.org and do some real good, real fast.

3. Care2 – online petitions program

Online volunteering with Care2.org
Boasting of nearly 40 million members, Care2 declares itself “the world’s largest community for good.”
With hundreds upon hundreds of petitions, ranging from calls to help specific homeless people find housing created by churches, to calls on congress to stop blockading Gaza, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.
Making a small dent is as easy as sharing a Facebook post.
What did we miss? What’s your favorite opportunities to volunteer online? Let us know in the comments and, if we love it, we’ll include it on the post.

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