"I'm not an alcoholic, I just sometimes find it hard to pass the liquor store without stopping"

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“I’m not an alcoholic, I just sometimes find it hard to pass the liquor store without stopping.” – Jennifer
It’s kind of like saying “I don’t like cocaine, I just like how it smells.” I wasn’t about to judge though, I’d joined the Pillrs addiction support community to send encouragement to addicts – no matter where they were in their recovery.
This is the story of Jennifer. It’s her story of struggle, fighting her own brain, and how she found hope.

“I’m sitting in my car arguing with myself not to go to the liquor store”

My wife and I had just finished eating lunch when I got the above message on Pillrs.
Followed with:

“No one would know. My brain is telling me a million reasons why it would be ok. On vacation, no kid, submitted a chapter for a book. Argh.”

Here’s to Tuesday.
I’d been interacting with her for about a month. The only thing I knew was that she: “is not an alcoholic, but sometimes struggles to drive past the liquor store without stopping.”
So quickly I grabbed my phone and dashed off the only thing I could think might help.
“Hey Jennifer! Why did you want to quit in the first place?”
We talked for a few minutes and other volunteers jumped in, offering support and encouragement, so I went back to lunch with my wife.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I could feel the worry in my chest… did I say enough? Did I say the right things? Was it going to make any difference at all?
Thankfully, twenty minutes later Jennifer sent a final message:
“Thank you all for the help! I was able to connect, find some rewards, and found a friend to go with me to my first meeting. I’m scared but you’ve all given me some strength!”

“You’ve all given me some strength”

Imagine for a second that you have a friend, loved one, or family member who texts you that they’re in trouble. You can’t call, you can’t see them, you can only text.
Imagine the tight feeling in your chest and the concern that would create.
Now imagine they message you telling you that they not only managed to get out of the situation, they actually got significantly better because of it.
This was the moment we knew Pillrs could really help people.
Why the name Pillrs? Because people who help others are the Pillars of society.

Be someone’s hero

It’s not everyday that you get to be part of the reason that someone pulled out of a nose-dive, but it really feels good.
Create strong, anonymous friendships and take small actions with huge results.
Just click the button below to see Pillrs in the App store and – when you’re ready – join the community to start making a difference.
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