6 unique ways to stay awake / wake up when tired

Learn the most unique ways to stay awake that we’ve found so far, including exercising without moving, the breath of fire, and our all-time favorite use of Pandora.
Ever feel that mid-afternoon slump? How about the late-afternoon-but-too-late-for-coffee slump?
Well, if you’re like most people your willpower tanks when your tired.
Couple this with massive insomnia when drinking coffee after noon and you know why I was searching for better ways to stay awake (or wake up) than the typical “go to bed on time”, “drink water, etc. Those lists made me yawn reading them.
Without ado, here’s the top 6 tricks ways to stay awake that you won’t find elsewhere:

[sc name=”list-num” number=”1″]Listen to “re-energize” on the Pillrs app

Pillrs logo waking up by listening to re-energize
Biased? Of course we’re biased!
Re-energize is a neurologically tuned song specifically engineered to increase heart rate and to stimulate the (x) region of the brain.
It’s only available on the Pillrs app (you are a community member, right?) and leverages nearly 20 years of experience engineering mood-altering music.
For maximum effect, put in headphones, crank it to 11, close your eyes and relax. After about 3-5 minutes your heart rate should have noticeably increased.
This isn’t (just) a list of fantastic Pillrs features, however. Read on for more unique ways to stay awake besides re-energize.

[sc name=”list-num” number=”2″]Stay awake with a good laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, or so I’ve been told.
It’s also a phenomenal cure for energy-sucking boredom. Go figure.
The above photo is the winner of the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo awards. It’s one of dozens and was by far my favorite part of writing this post.
Open a new tab and go have yourself a ball.
You’re welcome.

[sc name=”list-num” number=”3″]Wake up faster than snorting a kilo of caffeine while riding a rocket propelled bull through a live firing range

The Coffee Nap

Ok, perhaps that title is slightly exaggerated. But not by much.
I once took a caffeine nap entirely by accident. I was rebuilding a car and on my third 10+ hour day of sanding.
I was wiped.
So I drank several cups of coffee. Then switched to NoDoz.
Each new milligram of caffeine only slowed the pace I was getting tired… I never woke up. So finally, I took a quick nap.
And let me tell you… I woke up with my heartrate at around 7000 bpm.
I could hear the pounding of my heart over rush-hour traffic in the middle of New York, I’m sure of it.
To take a caffeine nap, pound a cup of coffee / your favorite method of caffeine transmission.
Then take a 15 – 20 minute nap. It’s not technically a trick to stay awake, but you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the week at that point, so it counts.
Read how to pull off the perfect coffee naps.

[sc name=”list-num” number=”4″]I inhaled to the burning breath of fire – the “breath of fire” technique to wake up

That’s how the Johnny Cash song goes doesn’t it?
No? Oh well.
The Breath of Fire technique is a rapid breathing technique that should get your blood pumping. We’ll let Yoga Today explain how to do it:

Keep the mouth closed through this breathing exercise. Relax the muscles of the stomach.Take a deep inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. Begin to breath rapidly through the nose and pump the naval point in and out with each breath. Maintain an equal emphasis on the exhalation and inhalation. The breath should be shallow so it can be quick.

Read about this, and several other energizing breathing techniques, here.

[sc name=”list-num” number=”5″]Exercise in place with isometric exercises

Woman staying away through the isometric exercise: the plank

Source: http://easyhealthoptions.com/9-ways-to-build-muscle-barely-moving/; Hey. HEY! The content is down here buddy.

Isometric exercises are essentially flexing and relaxing your muscles.
They’re also the reason people doing Yoga end up sweating after not moving much (learn something new every day…)
Personally, my favorite for work is the wall-sit.
I’d explain how to do it, but by reading the words “wall sit” and knowing there’s no chair involved, I have faith you can figure it out.
Here’s 8 other isometric exercises to keep you awake.

[sc name=”list-num” number=”6″]Last but not least, my favorite trick to stay awake: Comedy through Pandora

Using comedy as a tool to stay awake while driving has been an absolute Godsend.
“Just turn on the AC.”
Too cold, not effective.
“Play music in a language you don’t understand.”
Kill me.
Pandora’s killer feature though has been to run your favorite comedians on it.
It’s gold.
I’ve discovered dozens of comedians through this and anytime I get drowsy it wakes me up immediately.
How about you? What’s your favorite ways to stay awake? Don’t be greedy, share them in the contents!

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