Pillars of Academia: The colleges that produce the most altruistic students, by state

Pillrs aims to empower socially minded people to make a huge impact, right from their couch. So naturally, one day after a few too many hours of bug fixing and development, someone asked an interesting question: Which college creates the most altruistic students? Having no idea – most of us went to colleges that are … Read more

"I'm not an alcoholic, I just sometimes find it hard to pass the liquor store without stopping"

“I’m not an alcoholic, I just sometimes find it hard to pass the liquor store without stopping.” – Jennifer It’s kind of like saying “I don’t like cocaine, I just like how it smells.” I wasn’t about to judge though, I’d joined the Pillrs addiction support community to send encouragement to addicts – no matter … Read more

Easy online volunteer opportunities, make a difference in 5 minutes or less

Wish you could find some online volunteer opportunities? Here’s the three ways we’ve found for you to make the largest difference in under five minutes, without putting on pants.   What would the world look like if everyone volunteered their time? It paints a nice picture, doesn’t it? Teens helping elderly ladies cross the street. Tattooed … Read more

How to connect with people like a magician

The older I get, the more I’d like to know how to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level. It’s no doubt that we think about this a lot at Pillrs as deep, meaningful connections are the key when fighting addictions and compulsions. At Pillrs we use algorithms to create instantaneous villages – which tune … Read more

99 encouraging messages for when you need a lift

We all could use a little encouragement from time to time, so here’s 99 encouraging messages to give you a lift in your day. See an encouraging message a friend could use? Just hover over the image to show share buttons (Facebook, email, etc.)     Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, … Read more

6 unique ways to stay awake / wake up when tired

Learn the most unique ways to stay awake that we’ve found so far, including exercising without moving, the breath of fire, and our all-time favorite use of Pandora.   Ever feel that mid-afternoon slump? How about the late-afternoon-but-too-late-for-coffee slump? Well, if you’re like most people your willpower tanks when your tired. Couple this with massive insomnia when drinking coffee … Read more

How to relieve stress fast – 6 advanced techniques

Why would you want to learn how to relieve stress fast? Ever heard of HALT? (Hunger, angry, lonely, tired.) Anyone whose been to a 12 step program knows this acronym – they’re the emotional states that weaken willpower. Well we think this list should include stress. Stress demands relief. For most people, it manifests itself … Read more

New feature: build your crew

Pillrs is about connection, community, and working together to reduce addictive urges. As we’ve been using it, we’ve noticed something: we’ve been creating relationships with several users and wanted to stay connected. Introducing Care Circles – your own personalized group of support. Anytime you send an emergency broadcast or an automated request for help goes out

Porn addiction side effects, the most comprehensive collection on the web

Does porn addiction really shrink your brain? Has heavy porn use caused a spike in erectile dysfunction cases in men under age 30? Does it really trigger neurological bonding to porn (rather than your partner)? Those seem crazy, right? CLEARLY this is just some sensationalist, alarmist, crap… right? We thought the same thing, that is until we started…