Getting started on Pillrs

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:


1. Download the Pillrs app on the App Store

Download Pillrs on the app store


2. Take a look around: You can use most Pillrs features without registering or providing any information.


3. Join the community. Once you’ve had a look around and decided you’d like to join us, trigger registration by: 1) trying to reply to a thread, 2) trying to use “My Journey”, or 3) trying to send an SOS / Victory.

To keep Pillrs high quality, we ask that you register with a phone number and only one account per person please.

We hate long forms or giving tons of personal information, so we don’t ask for anything else. No password / username combo to remember, no long forms, and you can keep your second pet’s mother’s maiden name to yourself.



Requesting encouragement (the ‘emergency SOS system’)

Image showing the Pillrs SOS button in the bottom left hand side of the app

An emergency broadcast is an anonymous message sent to ~20 random volunteers & supporters who respond with encouragement, distraction, or advice (if you ask for it). Anyone wanting encouragement can ask for encouragement, just click the red SOS button, send a message, and hit submit.

For example: “I’m sitting in my car arguing with myself on why I shouldn’t go to the liquor store.”


Declare a Victory (the green button)

Imaging showing green victory button in lower right hand side of the app

One of the best feelings in the world as an addict is to be tempted and find a way around it. We want to celebrate those huge victories with you. If you have a great achievement, even if it feels small, post it to the community so we can celebrate your accomplishment with you.

This can be a 5/5 challenge update, an urge you fought off (let us know how!), or even going to bed early to ensure you’re energize for the day ahead.


Want more? Commit to a ‘5 in 5 Challenge’

The 5 in 5 challenge image

Pick a time each day that you’ll check in for 5 straight days. Preferably pick a time roughly 30-90 minutes before when usually tempted (eg. if evenings after 9pm are difficult, choose 8:15 pm).

Send a Victory at that time for 5 straight days. Bonus, pick a recurring action that’ll trigger your memory. Ex: as soon as you turn off your car when you arrive at home, send a 5 in 5 report. If you relapse in those days, do not reset your counter. Your aim is to create a habit, the rest will follow.

5 in 5 report format: “My 5 in 5 day X. Feeling Y and happy about Z”. Ex. “My 5 in 5 day 1. Feeling ready to change and happy to be part of the community!”



Learn how to be a good encourager –>