Referring users

One thing that we at Pillrs struggle with though is how to keep the community quality high as we grow. Ideal new members are referrals from current members.

So, we’re giving you the keys. Anyone referred by a current community member will be instantly allowed into the community, no questions asked.


Who is a good referral to the community

Supporters (volunteers)

We’re looking for good people that love to help others. They do not need a special background or training.

With that in mind, here’s some questions that might help spark the names of people (read one and think about it for ~30 seconds before moving on).

  1. If your car broke down at 11pm at night, who are the first 2 people you’d call?
  2. Which of your friends have said they’d like to quit smoking, drinking, gambling, watching porn, etc..?
  3. Which of your friends donates blood regularly?
  4. When you’ve had a breakup or major personal problems, who is the first person you call?
  5. Who do you know that works in HR or got a degree in psychology?

Hopefully that gave you some ideas. Please share the community with them, we’re all counting on you.



We’re looking for addicts who are seriously wanting sobriety. We don’t require hitting rock bottom, but we do require they aim to be sober.

With that in mind, they might compulsively struggle with:

  1. Porn / sex
  2. Gambling
  3. Overeating
  4. Alcohol
  5. Drugs

People who are bad referrals

Someone you’d never introduce to a real life friend. Is this person mean, cocky, or stuck up? If you wouldn’t want your friend meeting them, we don’t want to meet them either.

Know-it-alls. Many of our users ask us to avoid giving advice (it’s one of our primary community guidelines). We absolutely welcome tips that worked for someone personally. We don’t want to hear what might possibly probably work, though.

Predators. Whether they’re an addict or a supporter, if they’re looking to prey on others to feel better about themselves, leave them home.