Pillrs improvements: Smart(er) notifications, robust help, and something big coming

We’ve been hard at work improving Pillrs under the hood. You’ll see some things happing automagically (such as recent help statistics) and some are major overhauls under-the-hood.

Here’s a breakdown of major changes over the last two weeks:

  • Pillrs now learns what time to message you – we’ve heard that the 4am texts can be… bothersome. We’re now able to determine, based on a variety of factors, who are the best people to ask for help at any given time. This does mean that, if you’re inactive, you’ll be getting less messages and less opportunities to help – so send a direct message to @pillrs or @garrett to reactivate yourself.
  • Get information about specific features – you can now send ‘help <feature>’ to get more information on how to use a specific feature. This allowed us to shorten the help file (send ‘?’) to a basic feature list because it was nightmarishly confusing before.
  • Impact tracking and automatic thanking – Pillrs now gives feedback on the number of people you’ve helped in the last 24 hours (if more than 0) and over the last week. And yes, we’re updating that message to be more helpful and actionable.
  • Automatic pausing of help for inactive users – we’ve found that auto-scheduled requests for help are quite effective. They’re also REALLY expensive (we spend $2-$3 per user each month in message fees). So if you’re an addict and haven’t been active for a week, we’ll send a message to see if you’re there before pausing your auto-scheduler. So make sure to send a direct message of thanks (to do it, type @<alias> in a message, eg @garrett) to stay active.
  • Total impact score – tracking of the number of times you might have prevented a relapse, and how many times your referrals (and their referrals) might have prevented a relapse is complete. We’re deciding how best to present it now. Stay tuned (or leave a comment with your ideas.)


Want to help Pillrs in a big way?

In two weeks we should have the basic setup for Pillrs Version 2… If you’d like to help us test and improve it, leave a comment or email your alias to support@pillrs.com.

And, as always, feel free to let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggested improvements in the comments as well.


We love you,


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