Product updates

Pillrs improvements: Smart(er) notifications, robust help, and something big coming

We’ve been hard at work improving Pillrs under the hood. You’ll see some things happing automagically (such as recent help statistics) and some are major overhauls under-the-hood. Here’s a breakdown of major changes over the last two weeks: Pillrs now learns what time to message you – we’ve heard that the 4am texts can be… bothersome.

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Pillrs improvements: more quick reply options, smarter help, and a whole lot cleaner

“Great, I’m in… now what?” We heard you all, Pillrs is a bit confusing to use. Today we made some strides in simplifying it and making it cleaner. Here’s what we’ve added or changed: Shortened help file – short and to the point (text ‘?’ to see what we mean). See all the features and functions…

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