Using habits to fight addictions

Bye-Bye Booze | A Sober St. Paddy’s Day Celebration Starts Here

This is a guest contribution by Sarah Lockwood of ThePreventionCoalition.   You don’t have to be Irish to have fun with the folklore of March 17th. Contrary to popular belief, St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t a holiday made up to sell Irish whiskey. It’s actually an ancient tradition among Gaelic folk and held as a way […]

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How to change habits, how to break habits

Learn how to change habits from Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit. Could a three minute video change your life? Well, no. At least, probably not. Learning how to manipulate habits, though, can. In this video Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, explains how he analyzed his habits like a scientist, […]

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