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Turn your readers, congregants, or members into an army of good


“The best part is I’m actually laughing. For the first time in days. It feels okay to let go of all the hurt I’ve been carrying around like an anchor in my heart and mind. THANK YOU!!!!!! I really, really, really needed this.”

Do you have unlimited free time to help people? What if your community was ready at a moment’s notice for each other during their darkest times, rather than relying on you for help?

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Why launch a Village (group) on Pillrs

Help people at scale – as a community leader, your time is typically already thin. With one action you can allow your community to help itself and take the load off of your plate.

A head start on impact score – we track the number of impactful interactions (support given when someone might have otherwise gone into an out-of-control spiral) your community – and their referrals, and their referral’s referrals – create. Early registration = massive impact.

Showcase the power of your community – you’ll get an impact badge for your website showcasing the total impactful interactions created by your community. Optionally, we can leave out the score if it makes you uncomfortable.

Pillrs Impact BadgePillrs impact badge v2

Exclusive early access – you’ll be one of a few places people can get entry into Pillrs. You’ll also be instrumental in shaping Pillrs and have a huge part in the product’s direction. Our impact is your impact.

Connect to your members in a meaningful way

  • Bloggers: get topic ideas from close interactions to your tribe
  • Pastors: anonymously see, and help with, your congregants deepest challenges
  • Other leaders: what would your community be like if members deeply cared for one another and were finally able to be honest?

What it takes from you

  • About 60 minutes up-front for launching
  • After that, as little or as much time as you’d like


“I don’t lead a community but I know a community leader that might be interested!

We’re touched, thank you so much! Feel free to point them to this website or click here to pre-fill an email to send to them.