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Some people say nothing in life is more fulfilling than when you help another person. Think about it. Think about the last time you really helped someone and they genuinely appreciated it. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The fact is over 20 million Americans alone are addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. Lives are being destroyed, dreams shattered, families broken apart, and now you can help with a few small anonymous messages.

Can we ask you to get our free app now and anonymously send an encouraging message to an addict? Imagine turning a person’s life around

Helping 100 million people is our goal. Can we ask you to join the get the app now…


Advanced neuroscience to help
  • Your Simple Messages Can Change Lives

    Join Our Helping Community Before It’s Too Late for Some.

  • See Lives Transformed Before Your Eyes

    Enjoy real time feedback on how much good you’re doing

  • Become part of a deeply loving community

    One user said it best: “It’s weird, but I care more about a few people in my village - and I know almost nothing about their real identity - than 95% of my friends from high school.”

  • Help whenever you want from the convenience of your smartphone

    In a meeting? Lost your phone? No problem. Another fellow helper has your back with enough encouragement to the person in need.

  • Fight temptations with habit

    Create habits that turn the temptation to use into the temptation to improve.

  • Increase willpower in trying times

    Recover from dangerous states (hunger, anger, loneliness, tired) in less than 5 minutes with neuroscience backed sound patterns.

  • Get immediate, on-demand loving support

    Create deep, anonymous friendships and connections with people who genuinely want to help.

  • Completely anonymous

    Share as much, or as little, about your personal life as you want.

See How You Change Another’s Life... and Smile

PILLRs makes it easy for you to receive immediate impact of how you’ve helped.
Imagine how good you’ll feel!

I run to my phone when I hear a message come through hoping it's someone else the Pillrs community can help.

Pillrs Volunteer

I’m observing myself feeling quite good about myself. Its good to be seen and being praised for something i find hard that others find easy.

Anonymous Addict

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